VLX/VPX/IPX: Point-to-Point operation

Editor's note: this article was originally written focused on VLX, but the general concept applies to VLX, VPX, and IPX products.

For point-to-point applications, you can set two VLX units to stream without a switch.

Pre-route via switch, then connect point-to-point:

  • Connect the Encoder, Decoder and Laptop to switch.
  • IP into Decoder, and select remote Tab.
  • Select the Encoder from drop-down, and apply.
  • Once routed, you can now connect point-to-point.

You can also make this route with IPBaseT Manager or by using telnet to decoder IP (Port 6970):

join HDMI vlx-series-enc-2165 display

Originally published 3/5/2019