VLX: Toggle Encoder/Decoder Mode

NOTE: The following article pertains to VLX firmware versions prior to 3.20.0. For 3.20.0 and newer, please refer to the update at the bottom of this article.

The VLX transceiver provides an API command to manually switch between encoder and decoder modes. This allows for unique flexibility in situations where a VLX sometimes needs to be the input, and other times the output.

The discreet commands for accomplishing this are as follows (sent via Telnet/TCP to port 6970 of the VLX IP):

set mode encoder
set mode decoder

This works well if you have discreet buttons for each mode, or if you use the control system to track the status and send the appropriate command.

However, if a VLX configured as an encoder receives the set mode encodercommand, it will ignore it. Likewise, if a decoder receives the set mode decodercommand, it will also ignore it, since that is the current mode.

So to use a single toggle button to control mode, simply send both commands at once. the active mode command will be ignored, and the opposite mode will execute.

set mode encoderset mode decoder

UPDATE October 2018:

VLX firmware version 3.20.0 and newer now support a toggle command:

set mode toggle

Originally published 8/23/2018