VLX: Secondary firmware mode

If a VLX's firmware becomes corrupt due to a failed update and becomes inaccessible on the network, you may be able to recover it by entering secondary firmware mode.

  • For VLX-TCW2V-C and VLX-TCW2H-C, press and hold the 'Input 1' and 'Input 2' buttons while powering the unit.
  • For VLX-TC1-C and VLX-TC1-CF, press and hold the 'Power' and 'Down' buttons while powering the unit.

Once in this mode, you can reload the firmware through the web page by navigating to http://vlx-series-enc-####.local/ in your browser, with '####' being the last 4 digits of the units serial number.

Make sure IPBaseT manager is completely closed and put your PC on a 169.254.xx.xx network with subnet mask before attempting to access the web page. We also suggest using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, as Microsoft Edge does not properly handle connecting to a web server via hostname.

Originally posted 8/19/2019