Using Direct Serial over IP (SoIP) with IPX

Aurora 1Gbps AV over IP devices, the VLX and VPX series, support a direct serial over IP for communicating with the connected devices.  When enabled, this allows you to talk bi-directionally to the serial port using a dedicated TCP socket.

Aurora's 10Gbps AV over IP devices, the IPX series, are based on the SDVoE platform which do not natively support this SoIP method.  Aurora has implemented this feature on the IPX to make controlling RS-2232 devices much simpler.

Below is the process for enabling this feature on individual IPX transceivers:

  1. Using Aurora's IPBaseT Manager software, right click on the encoder or decoder you wish to enable SoIP on.  Select Send/Receive RS-232.
  2. Enter the following command and send:
  3. Once enabled, you will need to identify the webserver IP.  In IPBaseT Manager, right click on the device, click settings then select the Network Interface tab.  You will find the IP address under Webserver IP Settings.
  4. Using this IP address and port 6752, you can now connect via TCP from your control system or PC to send and receive commands to that devices serial port.
  5. Repeat this process for any other IPX devices you want to enable SoIP on.