VISCA Control Sequence ID

We occasionally get questions regarding the sequence ID in the VISCA over IP camera control protocol.  Per the official documentation, the sequence number is a 4 byte packet in the message header that auto-increments.

The question often is, how do I program for this in Core Studio? 

While that is absolutely possible, the good news is you don't usually need to worry about this!  The general undocumented hack is to use 4 null bytes for the sequence id, e.g.

0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00

In Core Studio, that looks like:


That's it!  Because different manufacturers have their own variations on how they implement the VISCA protocol, you may find a device that does not support this workaround - but in general, most all devices seem to support this.  Some internet users report success using 0xFE (x4) also, though the null byte has always seemed to work for us.