DXI Software (Aurora_DXI_7.2b.exe) not running on Windows: DLL FILE NEEDS UPDATE / HOTFIX

We have a workaround/Hotfix while we work on new build. The issue is due to out-of-date dll from the version of the Java serial library that's shipped with the DXi 7.2b software. Below are the instructions, let me know if you run into any issues.

Download updated dll HERE

Rename downloaded dll to:  jSSC-2.8_x86_64.dll

Replace / Overwrite the current files in two directories:
1) in the "app" directory inside the DXi software's folder:  \aurora-dxi-7-2b\app
2) In the user's ".jssc" directory. Path is ex. C:\Users\MyAccountName\.jssc\windows\

Restart the DXI software.