Configuring email alerts with TAURI

Once you have installed the latest firmware from the Aurora Customer Portal, navigate to the web page of the TAURI (http://ipaddress/setup). Log in with the default username and password (admin), then go to Setup -> Event Manager. Here, you will want to enter the SMTP information of the email address that you want to send the notification emails FROM. Validate and apply your email server settings here, then exit the web page.

On the tablet itself, enter the settings menu by hitting the gear icon in the bottom right and entering the default password of "12345"

In the "Misc" tab, select "Fail" if you want to send alerts for failed checks, or "Always" if you want alerts for passes and fails. Next, press "Configure email".

Here, enter the email address that you want to send the notifications TO, along with the subject line that will appear in your inbox. The image file prefix is optional.

Click save and exit back to admin mode. You should now be able to receive email alerts which display time and date, temperature, whether a mask was detected and an image of both the thermal camera and the regular camera feed.

Originally published 2/10/2021