ACS Sample - Multi-Language Support in Control Interfaces

A customer asked about supporting multiple languages within one Core Studio project. This could be easily accomplished by defining the various language text for all UI controls, then programmatically changing them on the fly.

The concept is relatively simple - you would need to use a variable for each bit of text you want to "translate" in the UI.  In the example below, there is a variable called 'button1Text' and one called 'text1Text'.  The button and the text box in the upper-left are using these variables as the feedback provider.  

When pressing the buttons on the right, a JavaScript Action is called to set all the text in the GUI to the proper language based on the selected language.  Of course, with many UI elements, this JS statement would need to expand to support each one.

The JavaScript Action is one way of accomplishing this, you could also use a series of Variable Actions.

Note: the translations above were done with Google Translate as an example, and were not independently verified.