ACS Sample - Basic Room Combine

This article covers creating a Core Studio project to handle a room combine application.

When it comes to room combine, there are 2 general programming methods you could choose:

  1. Multiple independent controllers that share information with each other .  This method involves pushing a separate ACS project to each touch panel.  You will need to also send status updates to each panel when something changes on the local panel, and vice versa.
  2. One controller acting as the primary, with the other secondary touch panels loading their control GUI from that primary controller.  There is only one ACS file for the primary controller, but it includes multiple interface files for the primary and secondary controllers.

Each method has it's own pros and cons, but generally option #2 is robust and simpler to program for most applications.

The example below shows how to set up a simple 2-room combine scenario, and how to synchronize the feedback conditionally based on the room combine mode.