RXS-2 & IPX Ultra - Power PC On After Power Loss

By default, the Intel NUC Compute module that powers the RXS-2 (as well as the UPX-Ultra) has a BIOS setting to remain powered off after a power failure.  This means, if there is a power loss, you will need to physically press the power button to make it turn back on.

In order to change this, you must change the default BIOS settings of the PC.

WARNING: Modifying certain BIOS settings can cause the PC to stop working.  Make sure you know what settings you are changing.  If any problems arise, reboot the PC, enter the BIOS settings, and reset to defaults.
  1. With the PC powered down, tap the power button to turn the PC on
  2. Immediately tap the "F2" button on your keyboard repeatedly until you enter the BIOS setup
  3. Tap the right cursor on your keyboard 4 times to navigate to the "Power" tab
  4. Press the down cursor on your keyboard until you have selected the "After Power Failure" option
  5. Press Enter, then select "Power On" from the popup dialog
  6. Use the right cursor on your PC to navigate to the "Save & Exit" tab
  7. Press the down arrow to select "Save Changes & Exit", then confirm the popup dialog