How to update firmware using TFTP

When it comes to updating firmware, most recent Aurora products generally use one of 2 methods to transfer the firmware file:

  • Upload the firmware file to the device web setup page
  • Use a TFTP client to upload the firmware file

The latter requires the use of a 3rd party TFTP client to complete.  Aurora recommends the following opensource client:

NOTE: Despite their similar names, TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) differs from standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and generally requires a different client software

Updating firmware with TFTP

  1. Download the firmware and TFTP client
  2. Open the TFTP client and select the TFTP Client tab
  3. From the Server interfaces dropdown, select the network that your device is on

  4. The host will be the IP address of the DIDO.  The port will be the default TFTP port (69).
  5. Press the button next to Local File and browse to the firmware

  6. Press the Start Update button in the DIDO web setup page
  7. Wait a few seconds until the firmware update mode is active.  The device screen should indicate that it is in FW UPDATE MODE.
  8. In the TFTP client, press the Put button.  You should see progress as the file transfers.
  9. When complete, you should get a success message
  10. The device should now reboot with the new firmware