Dash & DTX: File Save and Recall

Dash: Saving and recalling files

Presets in general:

As you develop your program, be sure to save the working file as you go along. You might choose to use a specific preset as a 'sandbox', and then ultimately SAVE to the desired Preset Number when done.

Preset 1: Default Preset on Power-up

 Saving a Dash configuration to Preset-1 is a good general practice. this configuration will be called on power up, absent any external API calls from a Control System

Saving current live config to a Preset:

Select the "Preset Save" icon, then select the target Preset location.


Recalling a Stored Preset:

Select the Preset Drop-down menu, and then select the desired Preset.

Saving configuration to file:

You can save the LIVE config by selecting "FILE/SAVE AS". File explorer will allow you to select the target save directory.  The file extension is ".dashdsp":  Example: Myconfig-P1.dashdsp

Recalling / Loading Dash config from file:

  • Connect to your DTX via Device List 
  • Select PRESET-LOAD
  • Select desired PRESET to store config too
  • NOTE: This will OVERWRITE any config currently stored in selected Preset Location