Dante Soft Keys: LCN-DTE-2

If you have purchsed an

Dante License Keys are allocated with a number of 'Activations' based on  your order.

This allows one key to be applied to 1 or more Dante-enabled VPX Series devices.


It’s recommended that:

  • You allocate one Multi-Activation License per Project
  • You maintain a detailed record of device serial numbers associated with each DANTE LICENCE KEY (LCN-DTE). Ideally for management and tracking purposes, one key per client project or site, although this is not required.

You can request a Dante LCN Report at any time that will show all VPX device serial numbers that have been activated against any one particular LCN-DTE KEY. 

Simply email request to [email protected], and request a Dante LCN report, and provide the associated LCN-DTE KEY.


What you will need:

  • LCN-DTE Key purchased from Aurora
  • Aurora’s LCN-DTE Activator files:  Download HERE
  • Dante Controller. Download HERE


Its recommended your VPX devices are running latest VPX firmware available on our PORTAL

(minimum recommended version >= 2.4.20)

Please also note that the PC running the activation tool will need internet access at all times to access the activation servers.

Unzip and Launch “LCN-DTE Activator.exe”

You will launch the LCN-DTE Activatore.exe file. The other file is supportive.

After launching the Activator, if you're unsure of what each parameter requires, hover-mouse over the objects name for more info, as seen below.



To activate your LCN-DTE-2 Key:

  • Enter Serial Number of VPX (Format is VPXxxxx-xxxx or VPWxxxx-xxxx)
  • Enter Dante Device Name  (Format is: VPX-xxxxxx or VPW-xxxxxx)
  • Enter your LCN-DTE-2 License Key
  • Select ACTIVATE

To get the units into activation state:

Access the VPX Devices Web UI via browser.

In the AUDIO section, enable Dante(soft) and reboot per prompt. 

Launch Dante Controller:

You should see a new red node in Dante controller - this is an unactivated VPX.  

The last 6 characters of the default device name (VPX-xxxxxx) are the last 6 of the VPX's MAC address, this should allow you to match which Dante device is which VPX device. 

For further information or Support:


[email protected]